NY Daily News: Pop-ups sprouting up in Queens provide unique shopping experiences

Pop-up shops are beginning to sprout up across western Queens for unique, here-today, gone-tomorrow shopping experiences.

The trendy pop-ups typically open in boutiques or restaurants for a night or weekend and give up-and-coming designers a chance to broaden their customer base and generate buzz without the financial risk of opening a permanent storefront. Some even feature mixed drinks and live DJs.

The We Love Astoria Pop Up Market is slated to open Thursday featuring the wares of about two-dozen local artisans at the Time Cafe in Astoria.

Custom-framing shop Matted LIC is to also hold a pop up this weekend featuring jewelry and chocolate makers at its Long Island City location.

“We wanted to do something that was a little bit different in the community to highlight Queens artists,” said DianeModric, one of the We Love Astoria organizers. “Why not have something here in Queens where artists can sell their handmade wares?”

Pop-ups also provide exposure for the venues hosting the events. “It’s a win-win for everybody,” Modric said.

Donna Drimer, director of Matted LIC, said pop-ups make good economic sense.

“You have to come up with different ways to bring in business,” she said. “This is not the perfect economy and we all need to be there for each other.”

The shops also provide emerging designers an opportunity to get direct customer feedback on their creations, said Marijana Sprajc, owner of M Voli E, an Astoria-based accessories company.

And it’s cheaper to rent a booth for a glitzy event for a night than open up a boutique or sell jewelry on commission to other small shops, she said.

“It can be incredibly expensive to commit to something long-term,” she said. “So this is a fantastic way to get retail exposure.”

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