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Where is Astoria Market’s outdoor event located?

Astoria Market
In the Garden at Bohemian Hall
29-19 24th Avenue
Astoria, NY 11102

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When you arrive at Bohemian Hall, please head to the 29th Street entrance which leads you directly to the garden.

Is this an indoor event?

No, this event is outdoors. Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden has granted us the use of 15 of their picnic tables for the outdoor event. The spaces are up against the north wall of the garden and are covered so there’s no need for a tent or umbrella. Since we are within the garden that serves alcohol  please note your guests and shoppers will need to come in through the bar which has a security guard who checks id. Children are welcome until 6 pm.

We do have other events that are indoors in the Main Hall at Bohemian Hall, but this event is an outdoor event.

In the below image where the barrels are shown is where the market and the picnic tables will be set up for our event. As you can see there is a cover over this area. This space is near the grill and stage.

When is set-up?

Set-up begins at 12 pm and the market opens open at 1 pm. The event ends at 5 pm and breakdown is thereafter. Load in is on the 29th Street garden entrance.

Door on 29th Street to Garden

What type of spaces do you offer?

We offer a 30 x 60 picnic table. See pics below. You will need to be creative with your table layout as you can also place items on one side of the bench. You cannot use your own table. The picnic table has a bench connected to each side of it and you will be able to sit on the other side.  The spaces are covered by an awning so there’s no need for a tent or umbrella.







Please note that all of your material needs to fit in the space. If you’re bringing large racks with you, this space may not work for you.

What comes with my space?

The space comes with a picnic table. The table includes a bench on each side.

Will I have access to an electrical outlet?

This is an outdoor space and there is no electrical outlets.

Will I have access to Wi-Fi?

Yes. It is an open access.

Is there food and drinks on the premises?

Yes. Bohemian Hall is a full service restaurant and bar/beer garden. To order grilled food, go to the kiosk stand in the garden. To order from the restaurant menu, head downstairs to the restaurant section of Bohemian Hall and order directly from the restaurant’s bar.

Where can I grab a coffee or sandwich?

We recommend that you order from Bohemian Hall since you will be entering and exiting though the bar.

But if you must order from outside, try out Othello’s Deli which is about 2 blocks from the market. Click here for their menu.

Othello’s Deli
2705 24th Ave, Astoria, NY 11102 (718) 956-1337

Where is the nearest ATM machine?

There is one located by the front of the bar within Bohemian Hall.  

Are there restrooms?

Yes.  There is an set inside by the bar and within the restaurant.

Is there parking nearby?

On Sundays you can find parking pretty easily around Bohemian Hall. However if you would like to go to a municipal parking lot, there are two on the same block. They’re located on 33rd Street between Ditmars and 23rd Avenue. One is in the rear of a Key Food Supermarket, and the other is in the rear of  a Sovereign Bank.

How do I get to Astoria Market by train?

Take the N or Q train to Astoria Boulevard. The walk from the train to Bohemian Hall is about a block away as long as you get off on the correct exit – Northwest Exit. Head down the stairs by the playground (Hoyt Playground); this is the N.W. side (31st Street). Then you walk straight ahead towards 24th Avenue. Once on 24th Avenue, make a left and Bohemian Hall & Astoria Market is right there. Also, once you get off the stop most people know where Bohemian Hall is, so you can always ask someone.

How do I reserve a spot?

Email us at info@astoriamarket.com with the date(s) you’d like to reserve.

Please do not reserve a date in advance without fully intending to book your spot. If you are unsure of your availability on a date you’d like to participate, your best bet is to reserve the space when you are confident that you can make it.

What if I need to cancel a date I already booked?

There are no refunds on dates booked.

Can I share my space with another vendor?

Yes, you can also share your space with another vendor; the vendor needs to be pre-approved by us. We need to know in advance that you will be sharing.

Can I leave my wares and/or displays at the market?

No, your wares or displays can’t be left or stored at Bohemian Hall; you must be prepared to take everything with you at the end of each evening.

Can I hang merchandise on the wall?

You can hang merchandise on the wall as long as you are using existing nails (if any), or tape/putty. You can’t hammer and add additional nails to the wall.

How about if it rains?

We will stay open. The picnic tables are covered.

What if I need to leave early?

If you have a prior engagement and need to leave before 5 pm, kindly advise us as soon as possible so that we can place you in an area where you will be of least disruption to vendors and shoppers.

I need a car service, who can I call?

You can reach one of the following:

Hoyt Limo & Services Corporation
2303 Astoria Blvd # 1, Astoria, NY 11102-2959 (718) 204-5861

Ecua Car Service, 44-14 30th Ave, Astoria, NY 11103 (718) 204-8412

Ecua Car Service can also assist with jump starting your car.

How do I contact an Astoria Market representative?

Email us at info@astoriamarket.com at anytime.

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